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Cozmore Fungulani

Founder of The Hut of Hope Trust


Cozmore was already a valued employee of ours in South Africa. Meanwhile, he is involved in Zimbabwe, his home country.


Together with him, we want to build a youth center that promotes education and reaches the whole family at the same time.

In Gwayi River, a youth centre is to be built in order to offer children and their families the support they need.

The adventure family is one of the most complex and challenging tasks of many in their lives. Quite a few do not see themselves up to this challenge and need professional and all-encompassing help in bringing up their children and mastering the everyday problems in the family. The child is at the centre of our work. Studies prove that the situation for families, especially in the most remote areas of Zimbabwe, does not correspond to a modern requirement for family structures. IFFEAD sees an urgent need for action to prepare children adequately for a life in an open society through education and other offers. Families need support from an organisation that provides parents with the means to fulfil their role in child rearing in an ideal way. This is achieved through a combination of individual home and family visits, group work, workshops and social events.

But what does IFFEAD mean by comprehensive support for families and children? Therapeutic work is intended to promote the self-confidence of young parents in order to restore confidence in their own family. Even sensitive topics such as the question of how many children can ideally support parents are not left out. Children and their families are given tips for a healthier diet and lifestyle in workshops. From a young age on, language courses are offered to combat illiteracy and give children a future with education. Parents' courses are planned in which they work together on creative ways to solve their family's financial dependencies. Especially for expectant mothers, talks are planned to prepare them for their life with a child and to develop prenatal skills.

Our offers will be personal and confidential to overcome any scepticism. It is important for us to treat respectfully the problems of those asking for help and to make constructive suggestions to the families without being patronizing. Moreover, IFFEAD's help will be fully accessible and flexible for all.

To achieve this, trained volunteers will respond to the individual needs of families. From our experience, we know that friendly and easy-to-reach "volunteers" for people in need of help are welcome contacts to address the challenges of families without giving them the feeling of being condemned. These volunteers are supported by local helpers and project leaders, which guarantees the acceptance of the projects in the community.

We want to ensure the achievement of the goals described above by building the necessary infrastructure. In Gwayi River a multifunctional hall will be built where our activities, courses and workshops will take place. Here we want to supplement our school offers with a computer room. Digital skills are of course indispensable in Zimbabwe today, but many children from rural areas have no chance to learn them. For young adults there will be vocational trainings in areas like sewing, woodworking, art, gardening and welding.

IFFEAD is convinced to have worked out the ideal plan to help the families of Gwayi River comprehensively. To support our work in Zimbabwe, we are looking for sponsors and are grateful for private donations.